About Us

Xristina Samira grew up with her head in the clouds and her feet in the fields. Spending most of her childhood in the mountains and oceans of Greece, wrapped up in the rich cultures of Egypt, swimming in the Great Lakes of Michigan and exploring the snowy wonderlands of Canada, she was exposed to the unique colours, textures and flora found all over our world. She could always be found with wild flowers in her hair, making bouquets for her friends and on a never-ending quest to create beauty and inspiration. As she grew older, these same passions became a solace for her after work. Realizing the impact flora had on her own wellness, she brought flowers and plants to work with her to use in her therapy with patients. She financed this passion to combine her two loves by creating custom floral pieces to sell, and through this La Vie Rosie was born!

La Vie Rosie is one social worker's desire to create designs and emotions that are beautiful and sustainable using fresh, living mediums. The name represents a play-on-words which has significance to her life. It incorporates her love of travel and languages, her desire to live life full of hope and inspiration and her years of late night chats with her girlfriends about love and life over a glass of rosé wine – which they affectionately call, rosie.

La Vie Rosie creates handcrafted, one of a kind wreaths, crowns, centerpieces, hanging pieces and anything else one can dream up. All arrangements incorporate the colours, textures and dreamscapes found traveling the globe. Fresh living plants are incorporated into her designs so that they continue to root and grow over time, and fresh herbs are delicately woven in to dry beautifully and be used for spicing and aromatherapy. La Vie Rosie strives to use as many sustainable materials as possible so that her designs can live on!

–Xristina Samira
Founder, Dreamer, Earth-Lover